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PDF vintage datasheet downloads.  All are less than 600KB filesize.  These manufacturer catalog pages are highly compressed monochrome TIF files.  They can be enlarged to 200 percent and they are readable when printed. 

If you cannot see the images in the pdf: (1) right click on pdf display area (2) choose "preferences" (3) choose "accessibility" (4) UNcheck "replace document colors" 

Resistor Data

Caddock 1981
Caddock 1981 Film Resistor Data Sheets from the Electronic Engineer's Master Catalog EEM.  Specifications for MG hi-volt, MR MS power film, ML MM precision, MP chassis mount, MK low cost, TK temp stable.  The non-inductive serpentine film patten was optional at this time.  520KB
Corning 1978
1978 CGW Corning Glass Works Metal Film Resistor Datasheets C3 C4 C5 C6 RL RN55 RN60 RN65 RN70 RNC55 RNC60 RNC65 RNC70 Military Guide 297KB
Dale Axial Wire

Silicone Coated and Molded Precision Axial Power Wire.  Type G has over twice the power dissipation due to a Beryllium core.  Dale 1973 datasheet download. Types RS NS G.   256KB
Dale Carbon Film Dale 1973 Military/Industrial Carbon Film Resistors Types DC 1/10 1/8 1/4,1,2,5 DCS1/2 MCS1/2 DCH MIL-R-10509-D Char B,X.  Type DC Deposited Carbon Film Epoxy Coated, MC Molded. Type DCH Hermetically Sealed. One-percent tolerance. Type DC meets MIL-R-10509 for characteristic B,X.  Type MC meets char D for types MC1/10 RN55D, MC1/8 RN60D, MC1/4 RN65D, MC1/2 RN70D. Many of the early RN resistors were carbon film from all manufacturers.  188KB
1973 Dale Film part 1 1973 Dale Metal Film Resistor Datasheet. Types MF HMF CMF MF50 MF1/10 MF1/8 MF1/4 MFS1/2 MF1 MF2 HMF High Value RN50 RN55 RN60 RN65 RN70 RN75 RN80 Mil-R-10509 CMF55 CMF60 CMF65 Conformal Coated   387KB
1973 Dale Film part 2
Dale Metal Film Resistor Data Sheets 1973 Part 2 MFF1/8 MFF1/4 MFF1/2 MFF1 MFF2 CMF1/10 CMF1/8 CMF1/4 Commercial MIL-R-10509,MIL-R-22684 Commercial Military Equivalents CMF07 RL07 CMF20 RL20,LMF1/10 LMF1/8 LMF1/4 LMF1/2 Molded Low Value, MFF MF CMF Low T.C. L-1 L-2 L-3, Chassis Mount Power Metal Film D5 D10 D15 P8 P8A , 270KB
Electra 1970
Electra and Mepco/Electra Military Industrial Catalog. MIL-R-10509 MF4C RN55 - MF5C RN60 - MF6C RN65 - MF7C RN70 - MF8C RN75. Also 1985 Mepco/Electra types  5053 RLR05 - 5043 RLR07 - 5053 RLR20. RN RL RLR     247KB
Mepco 1970
1970 full line datasheet, Type MR meets MIL-R-10509.  Mil-R-55182 RNC RNR cross-reference to industrial types FE FH FE-5 FE-10 FE-12 FE-25 FH-10 FH-11 FH-12 FH-20 FH-25 FH-50. Hermetically sealed and molded.   401KB 
Military Specification chart for the RN precision metal film resistor. Characteristic chart and temperature derating graph.  RN50 RN55 RN60 RN65 RN70 RN75 RN80 characteristics B,C,D,E,F,G wattage ratings and temperature characteristics in ppM/degC. MIL-R-10509G published in 1994. Chart includes RN60B RN60C RN60D RN65B RN65C RN65D RN65G RN70B RN70C RN70D RN75B RN75G RN80B RN80D  60KB
History of Revisions

Historical Military Specifications for High Stability Film Resistors. Early 1,2,5 percent carbon film RN10X RN15X RN20X RN25X RN30X  MIL-R-10509A Sept 1952, MIL-R-10509B March 1956 removes 2 percent tolerance and adds the first 70 degC power rating for characteristics A and B to introduce today's RN style. RN60A RN65A RN70A RN75A RN80A, MIL-R-10509C Sept 1958 removes 5 pct tolerance and adds characteristic C for 125 degC metal film RN60C RN65C RN70C RN72C RN75C, MIL-R-10509D Jan 1961 adds char. D,E,F,G for RN55D metal film and RN60G (hermetically sealed glass carbon film), MIL-R-10509E Sept 1963. 460KB
Pyrofilm PME
KDI-Pyrofilm PME Metal Film Resistors Data Sheet PME55 PME60 PME65 PME70 PME75 PME80 gold band terminations  PME Meets MIL-R-10509 MIL-R-55182  Diamond Wheel Trimmed  253KB
Pyrofilm PVC
KDI-Pyrofilm PVC Thick Film Resistors, Conductive Glaze, High-Voltage, Hi-Megohm, PVC60 PVC62 PVC70 PVC100 PVC175 PVC300 PVC400 112KB       
Texas Instruments
1966 Texas Instruments Resistor Datasheets, Carbon and Metal Film military industrial part numbers, Types CD coated carbon MIL-R-10509B RN10X RN15X RN20X RN25X RN30X, CMD Molded Carbon MIL-R-10509C RN60B RN65B RN70B RN75B RN80B, CG MIL-R-10509D glass encapsulated hermetic carbon film RN55 RN60 RN65, CR coated carbon film MIL-R-10509D RN55D RN60D RN65D, MC epoxy coated metal film MIL-R-10509E MC55 MC60 MC65 characteristic C,D,E. MM molded metal film MM60 MM65 MM70 RN60C RN60E RN60F RN65C RN65E RN65F RN70C RN70E RN70F. NOTE: The reddish brown epoxy coated carbon film RN65D and metal film RN65D are identical in appearance except that the MC part number is on the metal film.  500KB

Capacitor Data

AVX Glass

AVX Glass Capacitor Datasheets  Datasheet for CK31 CK32 CY06 CY07 CYR51 CYR52 ET06 ET07.AVX purchased the Corning Glass Works (CGW) Glass capacitor division in the late 1980s.  Glass-K MIL-C-11015/25 Type ET: Elevated Temperature, MIL-C-11272, MIL-C-23269 528KB
Custom-Balco Teflon Capacitor Datasheets, Wrap-N-Fill, Hermetic Metal Can Teflon Capacitors. Balco was acquired by Custom in the mid-1970s. Custom TFHT and TMHT. Balco HT and HTM. By 1979 the Custom-Balco name was simply Custom. RTWM RTWP RTWMM RTWKM RTWGM HT LV LZ PHT HTM PHTM KT KTM PT PTM QT QTM   270KB
Elpac 1989
Elpac 1989 Capacitor Datasheet Type ZD MD Z B C HS PD P PMB PSB
Elpac no longer makes capacitors. Now making power supplies 148KB
EM-Arco DP 1962
1962 EM/Arco El-Menco/Arco Type DP Paper/Polyester Dipped Radial Capacitors Datasheet. Manufactured until the late 1970s. Arco owned El-Menco as far back as 1956. El-Menco (EM) is Electromotive Corp. Today the company is simply Arco. These capacitors do not deteriorate like most paper caps. Perfect for vintage guitar amps. Paper has a characteristic sound.  400V 600V 1600V Chocolate Drops   135KB
Sprague Film
Capacitors 1972
Sprague Film Capacitor Datasheets 1972 Vitamin-Q Black-Beauty Orange Drop 220P 118P 121P 155P DF 156P 192P 225P 418P 416P 279P 431P 91P 96P 191P 196P 160P 185P    571KB
Sprague Ceramite
Ceramic 1956

1956 Sprague Cera-mite ceramic capacitor datasheet from Radio Electronic Master Catalog. Radial disc type GA General Application and axial plate type GAB . Bulplate multiple ceramic type 34C4 34C5 34C6 and printed circuits with schematic types V-1 V-2 D-1 D-2 D-3 DT-1 DT-2 F-1 F-2 T-1 T-2 T-3 T-4 P-1 P-2 P-3 DP-1. Ceramic Trimmers A08-006, 007, 001, 002. Button Ceramics 501C 502C 503C 506C 507C 508C   180KB
Sprague Mica
Capacitors 1956

1956 Sprague mica capacitor datasheets from Radio Electronic Master Catalog 20th edition. Specifications for mica types MS, 1FM axial silvered mica, XFM, YFM, ZFM, 7FM, 8FM, 9FM, 1MC, 2MC, 1CC, 2CC, 3CC, 4CC, Capacitor Testers TO-4 TEL-OHMIKE, Resistor-Capacitor Analyzer KT-1 KWIK-TEST capacitor checker. 186KB
Sprague Paper
Capacitors 1956

Sprague 1956 datasheets for paper-in-oil and wax impregnated capacitors.  Pages from Radio Electronic Master Catalog.  Types TELECAP Black Beauty, 68P Midget, HYPASS, 72P, PX metal can, PQ photoflash, CR metal case high voltage, PC paper-in-oil, OT, BP bathtub, HC hash, AR LR auto generator, FILTEROL and IF interference filters.  241KB
TexCap 1976
1976 TexCap datasheet Series 20-(Mylar/Foil) Series 30-(Metallized Mylar) Series 40-(Teflon/Foil) Series 70-(Metallized Polycarbonate)  Types 23 24 25 27PE 31 31F 34 35 35PE 36 43 45 200-GGS 71 71F 73 74 74F 75 76 Series 80-(Metallized Teflon) is not shown in datasheets 117KB
Unitrode Ceramic
Unitrode Axial Ceramic Capacitor Datasheets, Axial Leads, Glass Encapsulated, Conformal Coated, NPO (COG),X7R (BX), Z5U, Catalog number CAP400 circa late 1980s, Part marking diagrams, AVX acquired Unitrode sometime before 1992  220KB 
Wilbrecht MA
Wilbrecht MA Metal Foil Resistor Radial Leads Tolerance B .01% Meets MIL-R-122, TCR Y see chart. Type MA is the same size as a Vishay S102, Wilbrecht is now a Vishay Licensee.  The MA has been replaced by type WA.  Date-mid 1990s  62KB
Mica Capacitor Codes Military Specification MIL-C-5E  Date 1975 Voltage codes to 35KV. Capacitor Types include CM4 CM5 CM6 CM7 CM8 CM9 CM10 CM11 CM15 CM20 CM30 CM35  52KB

Needle Guide
1976 Electro-Voice Counter Catalog pages.  Includes
manufacturer cartridge and needle numbers.
1976 EV Catalog pages for Astatic BSR Full-FI Euphonics GE General Electric Magnavox Motorola     288KB

1976 EV Catalog pages for Panasonic Philco RCA Sonotone Sony  249KB

1976 Electro-Voice Catalog pages for Tetrad Varco Vaco Zenith  279KB

Audio Datasheets

2004 Shure X-ref
Shure Bros. 2004 stylus cross-reference and replacement guide for discontinued mangnetic phonograph cartridges.  Probably the last comprehensive stylus replacement guide issued by Shure.  Includes special products made for Radio Shack.     350KB
Audio Technica
ATP series

Audio Technica ATP series professional phonograph cartridge user manual circa 1977.  ATP-1 ATP-2 ATP-3 specifications. Contains information about cartridge theory and operation.  ATP-3 has nude elliptical diamond.   165KB
Linn Cartridges
and Tonearms

Linn Products Glasgow Scotland Phonograph Cartridge Brochure mid-1990s specifications for Moving Magnet Cartridges K5 K9 K18, Moving Coil Asaka Karma Troika, Tonearms Ekos Ittok Akito Basik-Plus, Tutorial on Linn design. 410KB
Changer Center Posts

1976 Electro Voice Record Changer Spindle (Dropping Center Post) Replacement Guide, manual spindles, diagrams, model to spindle guide. Dual Garrard Elac Magnavox VM GE RCA Panasonic BSR Mesa BIC Perpetuum-Ebner Mesa, Headshell replacement guide plug-in slide-in.  275KB
Stanton Specifications
Stylus Cartridge

Stanton datasheets from mid-1990s.  Specifications and cross-reference for styus and cartridge.  Owl Audio was the distributor for Stanton archival stylii.  The Library of Congress is their main customer.  Also a sales brochure for Expert Pickups in England.  Stanton 500 MkII and 680AL 680EL disco cartridge user manuals.  Spec sheet for 681EEE-MkIIs Stereohedron II..  Archival stylii up to 16 mil for Pathe etched labels. Specification / datasheet for archival stylus 2.8 3.5 4.2 5.6 6.3 7.0 mil 16.0 8.0 etched label Audio 78 Pathe Wagner Nichols acoustical Edison spherical truncated elliptical, bi-pointed for stamper repair. 1993 professional products.562KB
Acutex Long Nose LPM
STR stylus .3 x 1.6 x .6 mil  ---  Suggested tracking force 2.0 grams.
1982 Long Nose Acutex Cartridge Information:

1978 flat Nose Acutex Cartridge Information

Revised Tracking Force Specification Sheet
The tracking force for the long-nose STR was revised to 1.5 - 2.3 grams.

Empire 2000

Brochure for Empire 2000 series stereo cartridges.  Also 4000 series quad cartridges.
Semiconductor Data

Germanium 1954
1954 Vintage Germanium Transistor Datasheet. Specifications for Transistor Products, Radio Receptor, Hydro Air, National Union, Westinghouse, GE, CBS Hytron, Texas Instruments, RCA, Raytheon, Sylvania, Package Outline Diagrams Rufus P. Turner author    200KB
Delco Germanium
Power 1963
Delco Radio 1963 Germanium Power Transistor Datasheet TO-37 TO-3 TO-41 TO-36, 1.5-amp thru 50-amp, catalog includes specifications for types 2N1172 2N1611 2N176 2N256A 2N297A 2N301A 2N380 2N456A 2N457A 2N458A 2N663 2N669 2N1021 2N1122 2N1159 2N1168 2N1536 2N1073A 2N173 2N174 2N277 2N278 2N441 2N1099 2N1358A 2N1970  112KB
I.C. Sockets
EMC 1980

Electronic Molding Corporation EMC 1980 catalog pages for low profile DIP sockets, low profile with standoffs, 8,12 pin round IC sockets. Glass reinforced polyester socket body. High reliability four finger beryllium contacts.  252KB

Allied 1980 Tubes
Four pages from Allied 1980 catalog.  Tube prices, tube testers, sockets, readout number tubes.   314KB
Philips Vacuum
Tube Codes
This is a text pdf that is searchable. It was found on the web several years ago.  Philips made Miniwatt tubes that were sold through the Amperex distributor and also other names. In later years Amperex was purchased by North American Philips and they often sold General Electric tubes.  This pdf will help you interpret the codes printed on Philips tubes made in Europe and in other factories around the world. Sometimes the code on the tube is omitted, partial, or rubbed off by accident.  156KB
Amperex Bugle Boy
Richardson 1997

Amperex Bugle Boy 1997 Richardson Electronics brochure with picture of original aging racks from Holland.  12AX7A/ECC83  5751  7025 12AU7A/ECC82  12AT7/ECC81  6DJ8/ECC88, 6L6WGB, 6L6GC, 6CA7/EL34, 5814 6189, 6122, Pictures of test setup.   286KB

Amperex Boxes
Tubes and Dates

Eleven pictures of vintage Amperex boxes and the tubes inside.  BugleBoy, PQ, and orange globe logos. 
Also shown is a Russian fake.
  Boxes and tubes from  the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and also one from 1981.
JAN-1 Tube

Bureau of Signals and Ships - Proceedings  IRE July 1944 Summary of JAN-1 Tube Subcommittee Joint Army-Navy Tube Standardization Program.   By the latter part of 1943 the JAN-1A revision was published entitled Joint Army-Navy Specification for Radio Electron Tubes.  This Institute of Radio Engineers article is one of the earliest documentations of the program to standardize identification and testing for military vacuum tubes.  The first testing standard was MIL-E-1.  MIL-E-1 was also one of the first military specifications for military electronic components.  The original edition of MIL-E-1 is not to be found. 

Miller Coils

J.W. Miller Coils
J.W. Miller inductor specification datasheets from manufacturer literature supplied in Miller boxes.  All coil part numbers covered by scanned literature are listed on this page.  All downloads less than 400KB file size.